Our Expert team is taking a "Security First" approach to cloud design, automation, architecture, and software engineering & Support to provide a flexible and hassle-free delivery approach. Our specialization for different software areas is bundled below

Software Engineering
  • Responsive Web
  • Distributed Applications
  • API & Microservices Development
  • Application Security
  • Integration with Remote Services
  • No Code Solutions

Our extensive team is focusing on project delivery success, rooted in experience and pragmatic methods, from key roles on our clients' strategic initiatives to driving enterprise system implementations

Software Configuration and Integration
  • Customization and Personalization
  • Deployment Configuration
  • Environment Configuration
  • Version Control
  • Data and Interface Integration

Our team of cross-functional consultants offers expertise way of enabling immediate action by aggregating and visualizing disparate data with focus on data quality and security. We are experienced with implementing strategic and offer the following services for Data Engineering.

Quality Engineering
  • Testing Strategy
  • Manual/Functional Testing
  • Automated and Performance QA Testing

We provide organizations with holistic approach that includes ability to predict, prevent, detect and respond to security breaches in a fast-moving distributed landscape.

Cloud Modernization
  • AWS & Azure Cloud Migrations
  • Native & Hybrid Cloud Architecture & Design Serverless Architecture
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Infrastructure Cost Optimization
  • Security Improvements and Mitigation
  • DevSecOps Pipeline
  • DevOps IT Readiness Assessments
  • DevOps Tools Selection
  • CI/CD pipeline rollout
  • Containerization
  • No significant changes to the current IT infrastructure
  • No Changes to existing interfaces
  • No massive upfront Investments
  • Reduces swivel chair integration